The ramblings of a tired man or sleepless in Roma

This is not a Tom Hanks homage as I’m not in Seattle and I don’t have mail. It’s late in Roma and I’m here ready for the seven week odyssey that is the Six Nations Championship.  I have to thank JL for alerting me to this place where I can ramble, document and pull apart anything that comes to mind. I have written several technical and teaching blogs but none where I can ramble on.

I’m a crazy workaholic who spends his days creating beautiful places for people to live and work and in my spare time (what spare time) doing the things I love to do, which is cook, movies, read (more of which I will come onto later), music and importantly rugby, hence I’m here in Roma with Dave (AGAIN!!!).  It seems a long time ago since those autumn internationals and ahead is seven weeks of bliss, excitement, anticipation, tears and joy (I hope). A lot of travelling this year as we play all the blue teams away, so we are here for what looks to be a tasty encounter. Looking forward to watching the England/France opener in a bar tomorrow… let the games begin and may the odds be ever in our favour. If anyone wants to share thoughts on team selection, Wales’ prospects, places to eat, drink or anything Roman it’s a free country (apparently).

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I’ve been to Italy and Roma in particle many many times and to throw in a bit of politics I wonder what arriving in Fiumicino Airport post Brexit will bring, Paris the same, although Nicola Sturgeon has me worried about entering Edinburgh!

On to the book thingy and the late night ramblings, although I love to read and there is nothing I like more than sitting on my balcony with a glass of vino or coffee or something stronger I find little time to indulge in this.  So travelling seems to afford me the opportunity to read, I need to travel more!!!

S0 this year I’ve excepted the 2017 Book Challenge, at the moment 26 books, but for the true bookworms out there, there is a 52 book challenge. I’ve finished ‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web, a continuation of the Millennium Series originally by the late Swedish author Stieg Larsson, so this covers my book translated from another language. My current read for a book set somewhere you’ll be visiting this year is Alberto Moravia’s ‘The Woman of Rome’ to coincide with my trip and so far it’s a good read to help me through these sleepless nights.

Enough of the ramblings, another chapter or two, ciao  🙂



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