Superbow LI, a Welsh win and Roma

It is customary on match day to have a few beers and a singsong after the game, win or lose.  Always socialising with the opposition in good spirits and bon ami. So it was yesterday after a fine Welsh win over a spirited Italian performance under the direction of Conor O’Shea.  Rugby is a religion in Wales and Ireland and match day in either Cardiff or Dublin is city wide. The Millennium Stadium, you wont get me calling it anything else, is smack bang in the middle of the city, surrounded by pubs, restaurants and the main shopping area so everyone gets involved in match day, everyone wears red, including bus and taxi drivers and the whole city is alive with the expectations. It is similar in Dublin and Edinburgh’s Princes Street is the place to be pre and post match.

However, London, Paris and Rome are different. Being large cities supporters can be dispersed anywhere and sometimes post match revelry can be fragmented. But not last night in Rome…….

The added bonus of a Superbowl final kicking off just after midnight certainly brought everyone together.  So it was, we crammed into the Highlander for a second time and what a game. The Patriots should have been dead and buried at half time but Brady kept on going, even after being sacked time and time again.  And those two scrambled two-pointers to even up the game at 28-28 and enter into the first OT ever in a Superbowl final.

The momentum was clearly with Brady and the Patriots and then the lucky break of winning the toss and as they say the rest is history……………..

I managed to get about two hours sleep before showering, breakfast and heading to Terminal 3 for what has been one of the most memorable rugby weekends ever.

I love the sights and sounds of Roma; the history, the architecture, the museums, but yesterday sport was a big winner too.

With fond memories and a heavy heart arrivederci Roma, see you in 2019!




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