Today’s ramblings

As I got little sleep over the weekend, yesterday I headed straight to the farmhouse from the airport to catch up on some much needed rest. You can’t beat farmhouse food on a cold spring, yes it’s spring, day. An inviting homemade beef stew awaited and a bowl of delish coffee and best of all, good company. I read the tributes to Joost, none better than our own Rob Howley and caught up with a bit of politics and the Bercow fallout over The Donald’s possible visit and my day was done.

Woke up to a misty morning which has now turned into beautiful day so decided to take the dogs for a walk and snapped that glorious vista early in the morning. Now I’m making ready to head to the city as I have a doctor’s appointment.

Several weeks ago, when we had stormy weather, I was striking the scaffolding on an apartment I was working on and one of the poles caught me square in the shoulder, OUCH!!!! Thankfully I didn’t damage my rotary cuff but the swelling and pain have been bad. So a series of injections later, the movement is much better and far less painful. My beer jacket over the weekend helped enormously. So today I’m having another injection and my bloods taken. BP has shot through the roof again, when will I ever get this sorted??? Then back home to work on the next project.

This time I’ve acquired a house, something I don’t often do, with the intention of extending it into a modern 4 bedroom property with the added bonus of a wonderful garden. The guys were there yesterday ripping everything out, hacking walls and removing a few. So later I will survey the damage and measure up to start work on what I hope will be a blank canvas.

Off to the docs

Iechyd da


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