The world gone mad or is it just the White House

I was up late last night finishing off some work when I caught the 45th President’s press conference and then the BBC interview on Newsnight with Zuckerberg and the aide to the White House with Evan Davis.

Apparently nothing is true and all is FAKE NEWS, even the words coming out of the President is FAKE NEWS and his aide confirmed that the administration are going to boycott main stream news outlets and publish their ‘FACTS’ (oops FAKE NEWS) via twitter and social media. So if that’s the case why are you speaking to Newsnight or indeed holding a press conference. Just don’t speak to anyone and tweet away!!!!

To call the BBC FAKE NEWS is rich coming from an administration who doesn’t like to hear the truth, makes it up as it goes along and is now finding it hard to get people to work with them.

Leave our Beeb alone…. rant over!

Today I’m ripping and listening to more albums before selling them on to a deserving musicologist…….

On the player is Joni Mitchell’s Song to a Seagull (one of my mum’s favs), the 1998 reissue of Robert Johnson’s King of the Delta Blues Singers and Adele’s latest album 25.

Here’s a track from each….



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