Day 6 of Six Nations

I have no idea what happened in that second half!  After a very promising first 40, dominating the breakdown and the backs looking on fire, we stuttered throughout the entire second 40, giving away easy possession and making so many stupid mistakes it was unbelievable!  Fair play to Scotland, all they had to do was wait for the infringements and capitalise on every mistake, which they did in abundance.

So, enough of that!

Heading to Twickers now for some more English gloating, LOL! Why do I put myself through this heartache I have no idea.  I did say at the beginning it would bring joy and tears, the joy is wearing a bit thing now, maybe, nah!

It should be a good game for England with some running rugby to prove whether or not Italy should be in the Six Nations as Georgia’s case is getting stronger by the week…….

The book is coming along nicely as we head south.  There’s another 2 week break after this, I think I’m gonna need it 🙂

Iechyd da!


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