Another Six Nations weekend over!

Home safe and sound, so what did I learn from the weekend’s events?????

I learnt that the world does really exist of Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and the unfortunate Epsilons……

Friday night was full of optimism; a great comeback from the Blues in atrocious conditions to snatch a late victory, the U20s storming to a fantastic win over the Scots and the Welsh ladies unfortunately losing by a single point to a last-minute penalty.

Saturday morning I explored my family tree and got close up and personal with the world of primates, from the tiny mouse lemur to the mighty gorilla and discovered what makes us all primates, and how we co-exist. Obviously a lot of them are under threat and it was good to see the steps being taken to protect them.

The afternoon was not such fun. The main guys were not on their game in those last 40 minutes and threw away a great opportunity to extend their unbeaten run to 10 games against Scotland.

The Irish/French game fizzled with some good moments but ultimately it was a war of attrition finally won by the men in green.

So…… after my Sunday morning breakfast and toast smothered in Dundee marmalade, a quick flight back to London and the so-called romp by England against the Italians….. except it didn’t happen.

Connor O’Shea, the Italian’s coach, great tactic of not contesting the breakdown left the English bemused and in disarray as they didn’t have a clue what was happening.  The best moment was Haskell asking the ref what they could do and ref replying ‘I’m not a coach, I’m the ref’ LOL!!!!!

The English ran out comfortable winners even though they were behind at half-time but I think this tactic was all down to Eddie Jones’ disrespect of the Italian team when he announced in the match build-up that England were going to take the Italians to the cleaners.  Sure, they got their bonus-point victory but the Italians made a point that they weren’t going to lie down and take the beating.  That’s not the Italian way.

A two week break sees Wales hosting another Friday night game, this time against the Irish and we are just playing for pride now.  Wales are full of amazing talented players but they blow so hot and cold, it’s hard to figure out why.  Most teams fear playing against them but we usually play a huge part in our own downfall.

OK! It’s Monday and I’m home working on my next project, the coffee is on and the pod is playing some soothing tunes.  Huxley’s book was an excellent re-read of what is a scary depiction of the future, has it arrived already. I’ll leave that discussion for another day!

Coffee’s ready……..Iechyd da!



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