Mind, Body & Soul; and Elvis has left the building

It’s Sunday and today’s rambling before I do my chores……………

Had a really busy Friday and did something I haven’t done in a long time, work for somebody else!  I previously discussed working on the house, well the next door neighbour approached me stating he would like to do the same, voila! I got a commission 😉

So I was busy sorting the do’s and don’ts on Friday plus a quick check up at the docs regarding my shoulder, its healing nicely with the physio going well and my BP coming down, will it now be sorted, let’s hope so.

Which brings me on to the title of today’s post, my Gran!  I have previously mentioned her dementia, which is gradually getting worse and I had great plans for yesterday; a spot of gardening, lunch with friends and off to watch the Blues play Munster, unfortunately that all came tumbling down.

I did manage to do some work on my fig and olive trees, readying them for this seasons growth but then I get the dreaded phone call from the nursing home.  Gran is refusing to take her meds, arguing with everyone on her community and abusing the staff verbally and physically. Lot’s of sad faces are the order for the day 😦

So, I abandon my plans, quickly shower and head to the home.

I find her wandering, giving everyone short shrift and she asks me what I’m doing here, she knows something’s afoot! I tell her I’ve come to visit her, she doesn’t believe me, and I get the look, and I can tell you, in the words of ABC, it’s not the look of love!

My best line, let’s have a cup of tea, works a treat! I usually take her off to the lounge and make her a cuppa and I make the best cup of tea in the world, my Gran tells me so, and today was no exception.  She remembers nothing of the day’s events, or any other event for that matter, I ask her what has she been doing, nothing is the usual answer, there is nothing to do!  It so happens the activities lady walks past and pops in to say hi, and reels off a list as long as your arm of the things my Gran has been doing; concert, baking, painting, flower arranging and a salsa dance troupe this morning.   My Gran looks at her bemused with that extra special face, if you say so!

I managed to cheer her up and calm her down, so we decide to head back to the community, it’s time for the cake trolley!!!! I discover she refused to eat lunch, so she devours a plate full of cakes and another cup of tea.  The nurse gives me a wink, and surreptitiously hands me Gran’s medication. I pretend to head to her room, and on my return, say hey I just found your medication, where were those, in your room, I get the look again and the statement that everyone is trying to poison her, that explains the lunch refusal but the cake……………. who can refuse cake!

I have to go into a long explanation that the doctor, who visits her, prescribes the medication, sends the scripts to Boots the Chemist, who in turn deliver it to the home and the nurse, who then makes sure it is taken at the correct times, she is still not convinced! So further explanation entails if she doesn’t take them she will feel awful, I feel awful already, I jump in, that’s because you haven’t taken them, bingo!  I explain the girls who look after you really like you and are here to make sure you are safe and cared for, yes that look again, with the added statement, how much do I owe for the cakes, my treat I reply. A smile!

I occasionally catch glimpses of who my Gran used to be, but that is few and far between now. Her soul does not have dementia, only her physical body. The conscious mind that worked out and understood life has left the building.  It’s just a fragment now, and I know there are hundreds, thousands of people struggling just the same. I love life, but it can suck big time!

She finally decided she was sleepy and wanted to go to bed, it was gone 6 by this time, my phone had been pinging since the 5.15 kickoff, remember the game, with the updated scores.  I could have dashed to watch something of the second half but my heart wasn’t in it, so I did what I do best in these situations, I headed to the Indian takeaway and ordered a meal for two for me!!!!! Bought chocolates and beer and headed home.

Thank the world for the Japanese oven, the microwave!  The final score came through, from a promising start we’d lost. My day was complete!  So curry eaten, I sat in front of the TV to watch La La Land, yes I know it’s still in the cinema but I have a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend, if you get my drift…….. and indulged with chocs and beer as Ryan danced, sang and pianoed through the movie.  It was fun, not great, but helped ease the pain for a few hours.

Today is another day, Gran had a settled night, I’m choring this morning and will have lunch with her later.

In honour of last nights movie I’m having a Jazzy morn with lots of Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, Blue Mitchell and some soft Nora Jones……. The washing machine awaits!


Some Miles, John and Norah to keep you company……. Iechyd da!


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