St Patrick’s Day, preparing for the final weekend of the Six Nations and more ramblings

Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all and our Celtic cousins across the water. We share a bond with the Irish and it is always a good weekend in Dublin and last weekend when they were singing proud and loud in Cardiff. I wish them well tomorrow against the unbeaten English, hope they can do it for all their fantastic supporters.

On to my preparations, tomorrow is a marathon day of rugby for the final day in the Six Nations Championship.  The title has already been won by England but there is plenty at stake, runners-up spot and seeding for the Rugby World Cup.

Today I’m off to Paris to end the campaign with hopefully a Welsh win in the heart of Les Blues.  It’s been a happy hunting ground of late, may it long continue.

Sunday sees me heading to Geneva to spend a few days with friends who are heavily involved with Amnesty and the Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights.  It’s been awhile since I was in Suisse, so really looking forward to that.

This week I have been busy working on my projects, although planning permission takes an age, we have moved it on as much as we can, hence the little break. My neighbours have gone skiing so we have all downed tools for a few days.

I caught up with a couple of movies this week I’ve been meaning to watch. First, A Street Cat named Bob, based on the true story and book by busker, homeless and a recovering drug addict, James Bowen.  It was a typical British movie with an uplifting theme against all odds.  I may get a copy of the book to add to my challenge.

Next I had a Michael Fassbender feast watching Assassin’s Creed and The Light Between Oceans, one ripping yarn to a very sad tale set against the backdrop of a lighthouse in Australia.

This week saw the celebration of Pi Day on 14 March for us nerdy mathematicians but I also discovered it was Steak and BJ Day also!  Apparently as an alternative to ‘so they say’ the woman dominated Valentines Day, March 14th is now officially “Steak and Blowjob Day”. This holiday has been created so the ladies finally have a day to show their man how much you care for him. Hahaha! I had the steak but nothing else…………….

In honour of Pi Day here’s one of my favourite ladies…..


See you in Paris, iechyd da!



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