Chuck Berry, me and the end of the Six Nations!

OK, where do I begin?  After the weirdest day in Six Nations history I heard the sad news regarding Charles Edward Anderson Berry, better known to all of us as Chuck. For every budding guitarist Johnny B. Goode was a staple part of the learning process and I must have played that song hundreds of times in various forms over the years.  Today on my travels I’m going to have a Chuckfest beginning with that one…………..

Yesterday!  I’m sitting in the hotel lobby with a lovely cup of coffee to revive my dulled lobes assessing what happened and reading the papers, can someone please explain to me what happened??? Normally Barnsey is a good ref but he just lost the plot in those additional 20 minutes.  Still the French were happy and we have to be content (or not) with our worse campaign in a long time, fine margins always fine margins.

An easy win for Scotland against an Italian side who cannot score when the line is begging, the debate over whether they should remain in the tournament will increase again.

And then Ireland, wonderful Ireland.  They put last weeks defeat against Wales behind them and came out all guns ablazing, the English didn’t know what hit them.  At last the English luck ran out and Ireland stopped them in their record breaking tracks as they did against the All Blacks.

So as I stated at the beginning, there would be tears of joy and disappointment; a winning start for Wales against Italy but not a complete performance, 75 wonderful minutes against England but one error and that game gone, a dominating first half against Scotland but the second half equally forgettable for another loss, a great advert for the game against Ireland and a hard earned victory which gave us hope for the final game in France. That game, after 80 minutes winning 18-13, but the farce of the following 20 minutes, the dubious change of props for France, the biting incident gone unpunished and a try that was coming for the entire overtime.  All in all for Wales the usual highs and lows.  World class players on the edge, sometimes winning in style and woeful performances the next.

Who will make the Lions? I’d be happy if none of them went, take those great English players, and they all toured to Tonga and Samoa as they are going to be tough games.  We will see who Gatland picks to decide whether its to New Zealand or the Pacific Islands we go.

So another championship over, hope you all enjoyed the ride, back to the Pro12 and European competitions for our guys, I’m off to the airport. Iechyd da!






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